Appendix E. Online Resources

There are many statistical resources available on the Internet, and no published list could possibly be complete, nor would it want to be; too much information can be as bad as too little. As is true of the Internet in general, not every resource online is accurate or reliable, so it’s up to the user to decide whether a particular resource is appropriate to his use. The web pages listed here are all maintained by reputable sources, including the federal government, university departments of statistics, professional statisticians, and companies that produce widely used statistical products.

General Resources

  • The Statistics Online Computational Resource

    Many resources, including interactive tools and course materials, from the UCLA Statistics Online Computational Resource.

  • Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics

    A collection of resources, including an online textbook, simulations and demonstrations, cases studies, and statistical analysis tools.

  • Web Pages that Perform Statistical Calculations

    Links to many tools, including statistical decision trees, free statistical software, online calculators, and graphing programs, maintained by John C. Pezzullo, a retired professor of biostatistics and pharmacology.

  • Wolfram Demonstrations Project: Statistics

    A collection of interactive tools related to statistical topics from the Wolfram Demonstrations Project; none require Mathematica, and all are open-code and designed to run on any standard computer running Windows, Macintosh, or ...

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