Regression Analysis II

Multiple Linear Regression and Other Topics


Micronutrients and Kelp Cultures: Evidence for Cobalt and Manganese Deficiency in Southern California Deep Seawater

Scientists have quantified the manner in which naturally occurring copper and zinc concentrations are toxic to marine organisms. They studied the effects of micronutrients on the growth of commercially significant giant kelp.

A regression analysis based on the least squares method can lead to models that relate growth to specific toxic substances.

The results are that toxic copper (Cu) and Zinc (Zn) ion concentrations may partially control growth. Also, cobalt (Co) and manganese (Mn) deficiencies exhibit some control in the growth.1

A least squares fit of gametophytic growth data in the defined medium generated the expression


where Y is mean gametophytic length in micrometers. The authors consider the fit of the experimental data to this equation as excellent.

Here, several variables are important for predicting growth.

The basic ideas of regression analysis have a much broader scope of application than the straight line model of Chapter 11. In this ...

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