Answers to Selected Odd-Numbered Exercises


1.1      The statistical population is, for all males in US, the decision to buy flowers that day or day before, or, not buy at that time. The sample is the choices of the 451 males where 144 do purchase at that time.

1.3      Sample is the 20 numbers of close friends recorded. Statistical population is the collection of numbers from all college students.

1.5      The statistical population is collection of responses not more/more stressed for all 20-25 year olds in country. Sample is collection of 40 responses reported.

1.7      No. Likely to be among heavy drug users.

1.9      (a) Sample.   (b) Anecdotal.

1.13    Comfortable not well defined. Could require majority of sample to rate as 5 on a five-point scale.

1.17    Lab, receptionist, and X-ray.

1.19    Population: Entire set of responses from all U.S. teens 13 to 17. Sample: Responses from the 1055 teens contacted.

1.21    (a) Person living in Chicago.   (b) Whether a person is a registered voter (yes) or not (no).   (c) Entire set of yes/no responses from all persons living in Chicago.

1.23    (a) Anyone who golfs.   (b) The statistical population is the collection of estimated hole sizes, one for each golfer. The sample is the collection of 46 hole sizes the psychologists recorded.

1.25    It is likely that any person visiting the site does so because they have a problem with procrastination. The scores recorded would not be representative of the general population.

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