Chapter 6

Measures of Relative Standing and the Normal Distribution


Bullet Working with the normal distribution — frontward and backward

Bullet Translating to a standard normal (Z) distribution

Bullet Calculating and interpreting Z-scores

Bullet Finding and understanding percentiles for the normal distribution

This chapter helps you get comfortable with the normal distribution — the most popular distribution in introductory statistics. You practice converting to the standard normal (Z) distribution and interpreting exactly what the distribution means. I show you how to find and interpret percentiles for the normal distribution, and you practice on “backwards normal” problems that instructors like so much (the problems that give you a percent and ask you to find the cutoff point).

Mastering the Normal Distribution

You may have heard of a bell curve. A bell curve describes data from a variable that has an infinite (or very large) number of possible values distributed among the population in a bell shape. This basically means a big group of individuals gravitate near the middle, with fewer and ...

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