Chapter 20

Top Ten Statistical Formulas


Bullet Breaking down the most commonly used statistical formulas

Bullet Practicing the calculations

Bullet Understanding the properties and behavior of these formulas

Bullet Checking your answers and avoiding common mistakes

This chapter reviews my top ten statistical formulas and the steps and tips for calculating them. I provide a nice last-minute review/refresher to see what you remember and to show you what you need to spend a little more time on. You also get some tips to help you check your answers and to let you know what to expect your results to look like and why.

Mean (or Average)

The mean, or the average of a data set, is one way to measure the center of a numerical data set. The notation for the mean is math. The formula for the mean is math, where x represents each of the values in the data set.

To calculate the mean, you

  1. Add up all the numbers in ...

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