Chapter 36. Old Man and a Ghost
Derek stood motionless, as if in shock.
“Wait!” he shouted, almost too loudly.
“They're…he's…but….” his voice trailed down to nothing as he stared on in disbelief. They were letting Knuth go! Not knowing what else to do, he stood there in LAX, just outside of the international security checkpoint, watching as Knuth collected his boarding pass and ID from the TSA agent and walked on into the terminal.
All his time had been wasted. Agent Summers had let him go. The TSA had let him go. He was exhausted and demoralized. It had all been for nothing.
His cell phone rang. Still staring at the security gate, he flipped it open, answering the call without speaking.
“Where are you?” asked the voice on the other end. Derek was ...

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