Example 1: Debugging a Simple DATA Step When Output Is Missing

Discovering a Problem

This program creates information about a travel tour group. The data files contain two types of records. One type contains the tour code, and the other type contains customer information. The program creates a report listing tour number, name, age, and gender for each customer.
/* first execution */
data tours (drop=type);
   input @1 type $ @;
   if type='H' then do;
      input @3 Tour $20.;
   else if type='P' then do;
      input @3 Name $10. Age 2. +1 Sex $1.;
H Tour 101
P Mary E    21 F
P George S  45 M
P Susan K    3 F
H Tour 102
P Adelle S  79 M
P Walter P  55 M
P Fran I    63 F

proc print data=tours;
   title 'Tour List';
The program ...

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