title 'Tool Warehouse Inventory';
The following output displays the INVENTORY_TOOL data set:
Figure 21.1 The INVENTORY_TOOL Data Set
Modifying a SAS Data Set: The Simplest Case
You can use the MODIFY statement to replace all values for a specific variable or
variables in a data set. The syntax for using the MODIFY statement for this purpose is
MODIFY SAS-data-set;
In the following program, the price of each part in the inventory is increased by 15%.
The new values for PRICE replace the old values on all records in the original
INVENTORY_TOOL data set. The FORMAT statement in the print procedure writes the
price of each item with two-digit decimal precision.
data inventory_tool;
modify inventory_tool;
proc print data=inventory_tool;
title 'Tool Warehouse Inventory';
title2 '(Price reflects 15% increase)';
format price 8.2;
Modifying a SAS Data Set: The Simplest Case 337

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