Learning More
Data Set Indexes
For information about indexing data sets, see SAS Data Set Options: Reference. You
do not need to sort data sets before using a BY statement in the PRINT procedure if
the data sets have an index for the variable or variables that are specified in the BY
Style Elements and Style Attributes
For complete information about style elements and style attributes, see SAS Output
Delivery System: Users Guide.
For complete documentation, see Base SAS Procedures Guide.
For more information, see Chapter 12, “Working with Grouped or Sorted
Observations,” on page 183. For complete reference documentation about the SORT
procedure, see Base SAS Procedures Guide.
SAS formats
For complete documentation, see SAS Formats and Informats: Reference. Formats
that are available with SAS software include fractions, hexadecimal values, roman
numerals, Social Security numbers, date and time values, and numbers written as
SAS macro facility
For complete reference documentation, see SAS Macro Language: Reference.
WHERE statement
For complete reference documentation, see SAS Statements: Reference. For a
complete discussion of WHERE processing, see SAS Language Reference: Concepts.
472 Chapter 27 Producing Detail Reports with the PRINT Procedure

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