(ampersand format modifier) instructs SAS to use the informat that follows to read
the data value. When you use the ampersand format modifier, two blanks are
required to signal the end of a data value.
INPUT <pointer-control>variable informat;
reads raw data using formatted input. The informat supplies special instructions to
read the data. You can also use a pointer-control to direct SAS to start reading at a
particular column.
The syntax given above for the three styles of input shows only one variable.
Subsequent variables in the INPUT statement might be described in the same input style
as the first one. You can use any of the three styles of input (list, column, and formatted)
in a single INPUT statement.
Learning More
Handling missing data values
For complete details about the FLOWOVER, STOPOVER, MISSOVER, and
TRUNCOVER options in the INFILE statement, see “INFILE Statement” in SAS
Statements: Reference.
Testing a condition
For more information about performing conditional processing with the IF
statement, see Chapter 10, “Acting on Selected Observations,” on page 147 and
Chapter 11, “Creating Subsets of Observations,” on page 169.
For a complete discussion and listing of line-pointer controls and line-hold
specifiers, see “PUT Statement” in SAS Statements: Reference.
Learning More 89
90 Chapter 5 Starting with Raw Data: Beyond the Basics

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