You should understand the concepts presented in all previous sections before proceeding
with this section.
Input SAS Data Set for Examples
Tradewinds Travel offers tours to art museums and galleries in various cities. The
company decided that in order to make its process more efficient, additional information
is needed. For example, if the tour covers too many museums and galleries within a time
period, then the number of museums visited must be decreased or the number of days for
the tour needs to change. If the guide who is assigned to the tour is not available, then
another guide must be assigned. Most of the process involves selecting observations that
meet or that do not meet various criteria and then taking the required action.
The Tradewinds Travel tour data is stored in an external file that contains the following
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Rome 3 1550 7 4 M, 3 G D'Amico Torres
Brasilia 8 3360 6 5 M, 1 other Lucas Lucas
London 6 2460 5 3 M, 2 G Wilson Lucas
Warsaw 6 . 8 5 M, 1 G, 2 other Lucas D'Amico
Madrid 3 740 5 3 M, 2 other Torres D'Amico
Amsterdam 4 1160 6 3 M, 3 G Vandever
The following list explains the numbered items in the preceding file:
identifies the name of the destination city
specifies the number of nights in the city
specifies the cost of the land package in U.S. dollars
specifies the number of events the trip offers (such as visits to museums and
provides a brief description of events. M indicates a museum, G indicates a gallery,
other indicates another type of event
provides the name of the tour guide
provides the name of the backup tour guide
The following DATA step creates MYLIB.ARTTOURS:
libname mylib 'SAS-library';
data mylib.arttours;
infile 'input-file' truncover;
input City $ 1-9 Nights 11 LandCost 13-16 NumberOfEvents 18
EventDescription $ 20-36 TourGuide $ 38-45
BackUpGuide $ 47-54;
148 Chapter 10 Acting on Selected Observations

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