28Waiting for My Real Life to Begin

A few years ago, I was invited by a good friend to go see Thomas “She Blinded Me with Science” Dolby in concert at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, California. To set the table for you, the interior of the club looks as if it hasn't been updated since 1972, but yet it has this odd magnetism of yesteryear attached to it that makes it extremely hard to stay away. The main ingredient of that magnetism is still supplied by the fact that a good majority of the bands that play there, while still beloved, aren't quite as popular as they once were.

It truly is one of the last places around where you can sit at your weathered red pleather booth eating dinner while you watch a concert. That's right, nothing quite like enjoying a semi-flavorful steak while simultaneously enjoying the musical flavors of Meatloaf. It may sound odd to some, but that's the kind of place we're talking about here, and it was pretty awesome.

My friend thought Thomas Dolby was slated to go on at 9 p.m., so we rolled in at the tragically hip-middle-aged-white-guy-almost-bedtime time of 8:58 p.m. Yeah, we had it like that. As we walked through the doors all we heard was Thomas singing at the top of his lungs “SCIENCE,” then the big finish, and the crowd went crazy! Wait, “Science”?! Why would Thomas Dolby start the show with his biggest hit? He wouldn't. The show started at 8, not 9. Thomas had already blinded everyone, and he was out.

At that point, there wasn't much we could ...

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