Preface to the fourth edition

In this fourth edition, we have made a number of minor improvements, added some background material, and included more than two dozen new exercises. We have also addressed many comments and suggestions we received from colleagues and students during the past five years. It is a pleasure to thank Aurélien Alfonsi, Martin Barbie, Nike Blessing, Mengyu Du, Sabina Gadzhieva, Nina Gantert, Adrian Gorniak, Ria Grindel, Nils Hansen, Timo Hirscher, Marius Kaiser, Alexander Kalinin, Thomas Knispel, Mourad Lazgham, Tobias Lutz, Simon Maurer, Heiko Preuß, Max von Renesse, Uwe Schmock, Qun Wang, and Ilan Zlotin. Special thanks are due to Stefan Gerhold. Finally, we thank our publisher De Gruyter for encouraging us to prepare ...

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