So you’ve familiarized yourself with the world of investing and you’re ready to dive in, or perhaps you’re already in the market but looking for more tools to improve your stock picking and portfolio management. Great! Charting gives you a way to visualize trends in the market. You can help improve your visualization with various tools that we show you how to use in this book, such as overlays and indicators. You also get to explore many different chart types, including candlestick charts, bar charts, line charts, and area charts, as well as discover the pros and cons of each chart type.

Beyond the basics, we introduce you to various strategies you can use to organize and manage your charts to make your stock trading easier and more successful. Yes, you’ll still risk taking a loss when trading stocks, but with these tools we can help you minimize losses if one of your stocks takes an unexpected dive.

About This Book

First we introduce you to the basics of getting started in the world of stock charting. Then we take you on a tour of the most common charts that are used by traders. After you understand how to build these charts, we focus on chart settings and how the various options can impact your trading decision making. Finally we discuss how you can organize and manage your charts to trade more effectively and efficiently.

When you feel comfortable with stock charting, it’s time to develop your own style. We show you how to put all you’ve learned into building ...

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