Chapter 14

Investing with Megatrends

In This Chapter

arrow Getting some background on megatrends

arrow Checking out bullish opportunities

arrow Understanding your bearish opportunities

arrow Getting investment pointers for your unique situation

I’m thrilled to include this chapter again in this 4th edition of Stock Investing For Dummies. Had you read this chapter in the previous edition and acted accordingly, you could have made a fortune (I kid you not). So I think that it earns an encore. A lot of this book is about making your own decisions and doing your own research, but what the heck — if I can save you some time and effort, why not? You can thank me later. (I don’t just want you to read some stuff on “what is a stock” and so on; I want you to succeed!) Anyway, it’s time to make you privy to what my research tells me are unfolding megatrends that offer the greatest potential rewards (or risks) for stock investors. This chapter provides some background on megatrends and talks about both bullish (up) and bearish (down) opportunities.

Setting the Stage for Megatrends

Only a handful of changes in your ...

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