Chapter 21

Keeping More of Your Money from the Taxman

In This Chapter

arrow Checking out the tax implications of your investments

arrow Paying taxes on your investments

arrow Taking your tax deductions

arrow Investing for your retirement

After conquering the world of making money with stocks, now you have another hurdle — keeping your money. Some people may tell you that taxes are brutal, complicated, and counterproductive. Others may tell you that they’re a form of legalized thievery, and still others may say that they’re a necessary evil. And then there are the pessimists. In any case, this chapter shows you how to keep more of the fruits from your hard-earned labor.

Note: Keep in mind that this chapter isn’t meant to be comprehensive. For a fuller treatment of personal taxes, you should check with your personal tax advisor and get the publications referenced in this chapter by either visiting the IRS website at or calling the IRS publications department at 800-829-3676.

However, in this chapter, I cover the most relevant points for stock investors, such as the tax treatment for dividends ...

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