Chapter 22

Ten Considerations When Your Stock Portfolio Is Down

In This Chapter

arrow Assessing your needs, stocks, and more

arrow Buying more stock

arrow Looking at different orders and types of purchases

arrow Getting rid of losing stocks when you must

Your stock portfolio is down, or perhaps one stock has taken a tumble. Considering the ways of the world in recent years, is that so shocking? At the very least, it is unsettling, and all stockholders have experienced setbacks in some, if not all, of their holdings. The best in the business saw some heavy losses, and even legendary investors such as Warren Buffet took it on the chin in 2008. But fast forward to today . . . what should you do in the event of lower stock prices? This chapter provides ten actions for you to consider.

Do Nothing

Doing nothing doesn’t sound good to you, I bet. “Do nothing?! Here I am trying not to freak out, and there you are Mr. Stay-calm-author!” Well, before you dismiss the idea outright, think it over.

remember.eps Selling should be ...

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