Chapter 25

Ten Great Strategies That Go Well with Stocks

In This Chapter

arrow Going for the gold and silver

arrow Trying different bonds and ETFs

arrow Considering protective puts, covered calls, and zero-cost collars

arrow Holding on to tangibles and cash

I think that stock investing is indeed an essential part of an overall wealth-building program, but I think that reminders about the other pieces of the puzzle are important so that you have a complete financial picture (nice wrap-up, right?). In today’s financial markets, hedging is an important accompaniment to your stock-investing pursuits. Hedging can take a variety of forms, but the point is to have vehicles that help you diversify and protect you against the potential downside of pure stock investing. The ten strategies in this chapter are good accompaniments to your stock investing pursuits.


If you think that I’m including gold because I wrote Precious Metals Investing For Dummies, published by Wiley (a shameless plug, I know), you’re wrong! Actually I wrote the book because I think that we’re in a huge bull market for precious metals. Gold ...

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