Work Drama 101

Complainers Are Expensive


Is your company losing money because of constant Complainers? Definitely.

In today’s economy, organizations expect the same or better results with fewer people to deliver. With jobs being downsized, “right-sized,” offshored, outsourced, and eliminated, the demand for more output and better results with fewer people has increased the workload and increased the stress! Complainers have fewer places to hide, and hardworking coworkers are showing less tolerance for those who complain versus contribute.

At first glance, reading a book that complains about Complainers appears counterproductive and an additional drain of your time and energy. Take another look. This book is designed to help you spot the type of Complainer you have, understand some of the reasons behind the behavior, and gain practical solutions to address and resolve the situation.

In this book, you’ll see how to increase your ability to negotiate through the drama so that you can get back to work . . . and you’ll have a chance to decide if you might be a Complainer who is draining other people’s energy. This material is supported by statistics, research, and expert opinion.

Throughout the book you’ll find the results of a recent survey of 1,014 people who work in a wide variety of industries. The survey was conducted electronically over a four-month period and designed to collect ...

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