Chapter 2


Slow Uphill Climb

image Critics
image Nitpickers
image Know-it-alls
image Diverters
image Historians
image Micromanagers

Spot a Complicator

Negotiating with Complicators reminds you of slowing down to climb a steep upgrade. Complicators are impeding, obstructing, criticizing fault-finders who delay and hamper others. They complain to maintain their sense of stability and control. Complicators are passive-aggressive in their approach. They feel comfortable with a lot of information and details. To maintain their version of order, Complicators create systems, procedures, and processes that aren’t easy to navigate. Complicators are masters of minutiae.

Are You Negotiating with a Complicator?

Complicators complain to avoid change and maintain stability. They frustrate, complicate, and create confusion. ...

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