Introduction: How to Use This Book with No Complaints

Negotiate Your Way to Success


Complainers are energy drainers who create messy, inconvenient work drama. The disruptions they cause involve negative emotions, illogical behavior, irritants, and interruptions to getting your job done. Here are travel tips to help you negotiate your journey through this book with no complaints.

How do you know if you have a constant Complainer? People are happier to see him or her leave for a vacation than return from one.

This book is all about spotting problems and fixing them quickly. It helps you spot how your Complainer is causing work drama so that you can stop the behavior and get back to work. Complainers are found at all levels and in all industries.

Occupations of Survey Participants


Whether the Complainer is your boss, a peer, or one of your employees, you’ll find examples, explanations of the behavior, conversation strategies, and suggestions to stop the Complainer from generating additional problems. You’ll see negotiating suggestions for all stages of work drama including approaching your leadership for support. The term negotiating is used intentionally throughout this book. Negotiating is a strategic and much stronger approach to stop work drama than managing, dealing with, ...

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