5Envision the Future

THE DESIGNERS CONSIDERED THE PRESENTATION A HUGE success. Their buyers, Minnie and Stewart, said it was “amazing” and “everything looked so good.” They loved the floor plans, furniture, fabric choices, and window treatments. But Judith Cervone, interior design sales project manager, was concerned. If everyone was so pleased with this redecorating project for a penthouse in a New York City high-rise, what was keeping the contract from being signed and moving forward?

It was Judith's job to close top-dollar projects, and this was one of them. Her role included pairing designers with buyers and working in the background to coordinate details and make sure buyers were pleased. Judith decided to probe and find out why Minnie and Stewart hadn't committed. After all, they'd told Judith this would be their dream home for retirement, and they'd seemed eager to begin.

Following the presentation in the retail design center on Saturday, Minnie and Stewart spent the rest of the weekend discussing it and trying to remember all they'd seen and heard. They felt overwhelmed when Judith connected with them on Monday. She set up a time to meet in their home, where there would be no distractions and the samples could be displayed on-site to bring the vision to life.

Judith packed presentation boards, samples, sketches, and designs, along with a step-by-step plan for delivery and installation. This time, it was easier for Minnie and Stewart to imagine the renovation as Judith ...

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