Chapter 11. Skeletal Setup, Weighting, and Rigging

I'll be the first to admit it. This chapter is a hodgepodge. This is where many tips, tricks, and cheats have found their home since, really, they don't belong anywhere else. Yup, you've wandered into the second-hand store on Stop Staring Street.

The first thing we'll really dive into is the weighting of the head. Pretty much everything in a "Stop Staring" head is joint driven except the neck, head, and eyes, so this isn't a whole lot. After that, I'll teach how to make use of the ss2 eye rig to get a lot of functionality into your eye setup, and finally I'll talk a little about "zipper lips" and getting the corners of the lips to look just a little bit stickier than they would otherwise.

  • Weighting ...

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