8.1. Hewlett-Packard’s Fibre Channel Chips

8.1.1. Overview

Hewlett-Packard began shipping the Tachyon IC in early 1995; today it is the industry’s leading Fibre Channel controller. From this evolved the Tachyon TL IC, a 64-bit PCI-to-Fibre Channel controller that focuses on arbitrated loop topologies for cost-effective, Fibre Channel mass storage designs. Both of these ICs implement the Tachyon family architecture.

8.1.2. Tachyon HPFC-5000C Product Highlights
  • Single chip Fibre Channel interface

  • Supports both networking and mass storage implementations

  • Complete hardware-based design optimized for Fibre Channel

  • Released to production June 1996 Description

The Tachyon controller IC, HPFC-5000C, supports arbitrated loop, fabric, ...

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