Outsourcing SAN Solutions

Not that crazy about implementing and operating your storage area network (SAN) yourself, eh? In this chapter, I cover what other options you have if you don't want to do everything on your own. First, I describe out-sourcing your storage infrastructure to a storage service provider (SSP). Then I go over the other options, such as getting a specialized storage consultant to help you implement a SAN. Finally, I show you how you can manage the project yourself by defining your requirements in a Request For Proposal (RFP) document and how to work closely with the many SAN component vendors, each pitching its best-of-breed solutions for your particular requirements.

Outsourcing the Whole Operation

Outsourcing is getting an external company to do something that your own employees would normally do within your organization. Because of financial reasons, time constraints, or simple lack of expertise, you source this technology and expertise from outside the company — hence, you outsource.

The main reasons companies outsource their storage infrastructures are

  • The necessary expertise to handle the job is not available internally.

  • Internal expertise is available, but those folks don't have time.

  • Outsourcing is cheaper than buying hardware and supporting it using in-house employees.

  • For political reasons, an external third party can cross political boundaries within the corporate structure without offending anyone when dictating new policies.

That last item is a mouthful, ...

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