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Story Money Impact: Funding Media for Social Change

Book Description

Story Money Impact: Funding Media for Social Change by Tracey Friesen is a practical guide for media-makers, funders, and activists who share the common goal of creating an impact with their work. Today, social-issues storytellers are sharpening their craft, while funders with finite resources focus on reach, and strategic innovators bring more robust evaluation tools. Friesen illuminates the spark at the core of these three pursuits. Structured around stories from the front lines, Story Money Impact reveals best practices in the areas of documentary, digital content, and independent journalism.

Here you will find:

• Twenty-one stories from people behind such powerful works as CITIZENFOUR, The Corporation, Virunga, Being Caribou, Age of Stupid, and Food Inc.

• Six key story ingredients for creating compelling content.

• Six possible money sources for financing your work.

• Six impact outcome goals to further your reach.

• Seven practical worksheets for your own projects.

• A companion website located at www.storymoneyimpact.com containing up-to-date information for those seeking the tools and inspiration to use media for social change.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. About the Author
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Chapter 1 Preface—My Spark
  9. Chapter 2 Introduction
  10. Chapter 3 Book Structure
  11. Part I—Story
    1. Chapter 4 Story is Fuel: Generates Feeling!
    2. Chapter 5 Motivation: Why Use Art to Make Change?
      1. Worksheet 1—Your Motivation
    3. Chapter 6 Producer’s Journal
      1. Narrative Arc (Story Ingredient 1): Being Caribou
    4. Chapter 7 Story Ingredient 2—Originality
      1. Mark Achbar, Big Picture Media Corporation, The Corporation
      2. The Spark—Originality
    5. Chapter 8 Story Ingredient 3—Emotion
      1. John Battsek, Passion Pictures, The Age of Stupid
      2. The Spark—Emotion
    6. Chapter 9 Story Ingredient 4—Immediacy
      1. Elise Pearlstein, Participant Media, Food, Inc.
      2. The Spark—Immediacy
    7. Chapter 10 Story Ingredient 5—Simplicity
      1. Louis Fox, with Free Range Studios, The Story of Stuff
      2. The Spark—Simplicity
    8. Chapter 11 Story Ingredient 6—Access
      1. Michelle van Beusekom, National Film Board of Canada, We Were Children
      2. The Spark—Access
    9. Chapter 12 Producer’s Memo
      1. Summary of Story Ingredients—Carts of Darkness
      2. Worksheet 2—Your Story
  12. Part II—Money
    1. Chapter 13 Money is Wind—Driven By Mission!
    2. Chapter 14 Motivation—Who Will You Make Change With?
      1. Worksheet 3—Your Needs
    3. Chapter 15 Producer’s Journal
      1. Broadcasters (Money Source 1)—Hadwin’s Judgement
    4. Chapter 16 Money Source 2—Foundations
      1. Cara Mertes, Ford Foundation’s JustFilms, CITIZENFOUR
      2. The Spark—Foundations
    5. Chapter 17 Money Source 3—Impact Investors
      1. Geralyn Dreyfous, Impact Partners, The Genius of Marian
      2. The Spark—Impact Investors
    6. Chapter 18 Money Source 4—Philanthropists
      1. Steve Cohen, Chicago Media Project, The Invisible War
      2. The Spark—Philanthropists
    7. Chapter 19 Money Source 5—Brands
      1. Brian Newman, with Patagonia, DamNation
      2. The Spark—Corporate Brands
    8. Chapter 20 Money Source 6—The Crowd
      1. Ayah Norris, Indiegogo, A Better Man
      2. The Spark—The Crowd
    9. Chapter 21 Producer’s Memo
      1. Summary Of Money Sources—Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton
      2. Worksheet 4—Your Funding
  13. Part III—Impact
    1. Chapter 22 Impact is Fire—Igniting Movements!
    2. Chapter 23 Motivation—What Kind of Change Do You Want?
      1. Worksheet 5—Your Goals
    3. Chapter 24 Producer’s Journal
      1. Awareness Building (Impact Outcome 1)—Shameless: The ART of Disability
    4. Chapter 25 Impact Outcome 2—Engagement
      1. Andrea Seale, David Suzuki Foundation, Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie
    5. Chapter 26 Impact Outcome 3—Context
      1. Debika Shome, Harmony Institute, An Inconvenient Truth
      2. The Spark—Context
    6. Chapter 27 Impact Outcome 4—Behavioral Change
      1. Johanna Blakley, PhD, Media Impact Project, Waiting for Superman
      2. The Spark—Behavioral Change
    7. Chapter 28 Impact Outcome 5—Policy Reform
      1. Sheila Leddy, Fledgling Fund, Escape Fire
      2. The Spark—Policy Reform
    8. Chapter 29 Impact Outcome 6—International Action
      1. Beadie Finzi, BRITDOC, Virunga
      2. The Spark—International Action
    9. Chapter 30 Producer’s Memo
      1. Summary Of Impact Outcomes—Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story
      2. Worksheet 6—Your Call-to-Action
  14. Part IV—Impact
    1. Chapter 31 Impact Producers
      1. Darcy Heusel, Picture Motion, American Promise
      2. Katherine Dodds, Hello Cool World, 65_RedRoses
      3. The Sparks—Impact Producers
    2. Chapter 32 Platforms
      1. Christie George, New Media Ventures, Upworthy
      2. Asi Burak, Games for Change, Half the Sky
      3. The Sparks—Platforms
    3. Chapter 33 Independent Journalism
      1. Steve Katz, Mother Jones
      2. Linda Solomon, Vancouver Observer
      3. The Sparks—Independent Journalism
    4. Chapter 34 The Jam Session: CBC, WNYC, Roundhouse Radio
      1. Worksheet 7—Your Media Vision
  15. Appendix 1 Sample Financing Scenarios
    1. Hadwin’s Judgement
    2. Big Joy
  16. Appendix 2 Resources
    1. Films Cited in the Book
    2. Organizations and Companies Cited in the Book
  17. Appendix 3 Full Interviewee Biographies
  18. Notes
  19. Index