Moving from Storytelling to Storyscaping

If you read the Introduction, you’ll remember how we shared our belief that storytelling (creating ads) is only about one-third of the recipe today. It’s in the other two-thirds (creating worlds) where the real customer connection happens through shared experiences. In other words, to increase results, we must focus on creating a world where immersive experiences connect people with brands. As part of creating the right world, the old way of marketing (creating ads) becomes just part of the system for sustainability, brand loyalty, and possibly even survival. We cannot have one without the other, so it is far less effective with only one-third and not the other two thirds.

Your College Years Were Not a Total Waste. In other current marketing books and blogs, you may be getting the message that it’s a new world, that the past doesn’t matter, that you should leave behind everything you used to do. During agency pitches, you may be getting the message that digital is here, social media is the way and everything else is dead. On news channel interviews, you may be witnessing some bickering between the new school calling the old school a dinosaur who has fallen and the old school retorting about longevity and wisdom while they shrug off their opponent as a passing fad. Well, we do not subscribe to the belief that ...

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