Understanding the Values and Aspirations of the Consumer

Have you ever observed the intriguing phenomenon where dogs and their owners have similar looks, personalities, or traits? Do you think that is something people rationally strive for or just a natural occurrence resulting from the deep-seated love for their dogs? Our devotion to our dogs is often well beyond rational, much the same way they love us unconditionally and beyond reason. The joyous pants and tail wags we are greeted with upon our return home every day—not just on the good days; the compassionate look pulsing from those big brown eyes when we confide in them with our deepest thoughts. How about the smile they give when we bring out their favorite toy? All these interactions make us feel great and the mutuality is palpable. It’s all related to the emotional connection we have with them. Even if the dog cannot actually smile at us, we feel a smile because we feel connected beyond the rational or logical, and we appreciate the slightest recognition of that (even if it’s only our imagination).

Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to express what it means to be in love? Love is believed to be one of the most emotional feelings we have. The feeling of love comes from the deepest emotional triggers in our brains (sorry, it’s not our hearts). Scientists have studied the brain for many ...

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