Inspiring Experiences That Change Behavior and Drive Transactions

We have now introduced the working model and all four pillars that hold up an Organizing Idea: Brand Purpose, product/service positioning, understanding of consumer emotions, and understanding of consumer needs. You’ve also learned the importance of and the difference behind creating a world instead of just creating ads. So now it’s time to dig into one of the keys to unlocking the creation of your world—the Organizing Idea. Why? Because an Organizing Idea does just that; it organizes. Organizes what? you may ask. It organizes the connections between your consumer and your story in a way that builds emotional association and inspires behavior. It’s a strategic input and sometimes, just sometimes, it may also be a creative expression. Organizing Ideas have the ability to help define how your brand interacts with the consumer. Even the very premise of what content you create, curate, or associate can be enhanced by leveraging it against an Organizing Idea. It’s a powerful concept that unlocks great effectiveness in how your story is told, delivered, engaged with, and experienced.

Your Organizing Idea is built from the four pillars of insight and knowledge you develop around your brand and the consumer. We have covered each of these pillars in depth in the previous four chapters. Having ...

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