Constructing a Storyscape That Is Sensing and Adaptive

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, a marketer, or an agency type, at the end of the day, your role is to create perceptions and/or shift behaviors. These worlds we create must ultimately be tuned to driving commerce. This is projected by creating brand preference or simply building awareness, driving new customer acquisition, cross-selling products and services, focusing on client retention, and of course, encouraging fanatical customer advocacy.

Building Worlds That Are Sensing. The consumers’ world—that of everyday experience—is an ecosystem rich in perceptions, attitudes, expectations, beliefs, interactions, actions, habits, and things. Business has only been able to capture, record, and measure a small (but useful) slice of that richness. We’re changing that. We’re changing that to enable dynamic application of marketing efforts through Storyscaping. As such, we will explore five perspectives for creating worlds that sell: instrumented ecosystems, adapting worlds, brand response, marketing mix optimization, and return on Storyscapes.

Typically we’ve leveraged survey data, point of sale data, purchase history, demographics, and very limited psychographics. We’re now widening the aperture: converging new data sources and metrics from a broad range of consumer touch points, both ...

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