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Strata Data Conference 2019 - London, United Kingdom

Video Description

We’ll make the Keynotes available here as soon as possible after they happen. Video of the sessions and tutorials will be available a few weeks after the end of the conference.

The Strata Data Conference, the world's largest gathering of the data community, came to London fromApril 29th to May 2nd, 2019. Many of Big Data's best practitioners, strategists, anddecision makers spoke, providing expert guidance on the skills, technologies, and processes required tobuild successful data-driven projects and organizations. This video compilation gives you a front rowview of the best keynotes, tutorials, and technical sessions delivered at the conference.

It contains keynote speeches from data visionaries such as Shingai Manjengwa (CEO, Fireside AnalyticsInc.), Michael Tidmarsh (CTO, Ogilvy), Cassie Kozyrkov (Chief Decision Scientist, Google), David Boyle(Customer Insights Director, Harrods), Cait O'Riordan (CIO, Financial Times), Sandra Wachter (Universityof Oxford), and from historian and futurist James Burke. It includes Sandeep Uttamchandani's (Intuit)talk on the three patterns to best manage data dictionaries; Simona Meriam's (Nielsen) review of thebest techniques to manage Spark-Kafka consumer offsets in a relational database; Guoqiong Song's(Intel) talk on LSTM-based time series anomaly detection using Analytics Zoo for Spark and BigDL; WolffDobson's (Google) update on TensorFlow's best practices; and a host of other talks covering the latest indata engineering and architecture; data science, machine learning and AI; data law and ethics; datastreaming and Iot; and data visualization and UX.

Highlights include:

  • Hours of Strata London 2019's best keynotes, tutorials, and technical sessions to study andabsorb on your own schedule.
  • The Strata Business Summit: total access to all of the Summit's tutorials, tech talks, and exclusiveExecutive Briefings, including Pete Skomoroch (Workday) on the must-do requirements for creatingfuture-proof AI/machine learning focused businesses; Lidia Crespo (Santander UK) on how to useHadoop to defend privacy; and Dean Wampler (Lightbend) on what it takes to use machine learningin fast data pipelines.
  • Findata Day: hours of data-meets-finance sessions delivered by some of the world's topbankers, analysts, entrepreneurs, financiers, and technologists, including Martin Leijen (Rabobank)on Rabobank's AI-enabling Data and Intelligence Lab; Charlotte Werger (Van Lanschot Kempen) ontransforming a traditional wealth manager to a cutting-edge data-driven company; and Daniel First(QuantumBlack) on how to operationalize risk management with machine learning.
  • Data Case Studies Day: sessions describing data in action across a wide range of companies andverticals led by the directors of those efforts, such as Marc Rind (ADP), Juan Bengochea (RoyalCaribbean Cruise Lines), Semih Kumluk (Turkcell), and Simon Moritz (Ericsson).
  • Deep-dive big data tutorials into must-know technologies, such as how todo time series forecasting with Azure ML; how to use AWS serverless technologies to analyze largedatasets; how to design and build machine learning models using TensorFlow, how to do real-timeSQL stream processing at scale with Apache Kafka and KSQL, and how to get ready for CCPA andGDPR regulations governing data security and governance.