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Strata Data Conference 2019 - New York, New York

Video Description

Video of the sessions and tutorials will be available a few weeks after the end of the conference.

The 2019 Strata Data Conference NYC, the biggest Big Data conference in the world, was a massive success. Packed with thousands of attendees, Strata gathered the world's top data practitioners to provide expert guidance on the tools and technologies you need to make your data strategies and projects work today. This video compilation holds the best of Strata NYC 2019's keynotes, tutorials, and technical sessions. Looking for a head start on the data techniques and technologies you need to succeed? This compilation points the way forward by offering you hours of material to study and absorb at your own rate.

The compilation includes such gems as Data Engineering and Architecture sessions, where you'll learn how to select the right type of data infrastructure and architecture to streamline your workflows, reduce costs, and scale your data analysis; Data Science, Machine Learning (ML) and AI sessions, where you'll learn how to use text mining, real-time analytics, large-scale anomaly detection and other techniques to discover the hidden insights in your data; and all of the best talks from the Strata Business Summit, where you'll receive an insiders-only look at the processes and technologies some of the world's most successful companies used to develop their own data strategies.

Highlights include:

  • A front row seat at 2019's Strata Data Conference NYC best keynotes, tutorials, and technical sessions—contains hundreds of hours of material to study and absorb at your own pace.
  • Keynote speeches from Big Data's most inspiring business visionaries, such as Sara Menker (CEO, Gro Intelligence), Cassie Kozyrkov (Chief Decision Scientist, Google Cloud), Swatee Singh (VP Big Data/ML, American Express), and Robert D. Thomas (GM, IBM Data and AI).
  • Deep dive tutorials including Jules Damji's (Databricks) sold out session on managing the complete ML lifecycle with MLflow; Karthik Ramasamy's (Streamlio) review of serverless streaming architectures and algorithms for the enterprise; and Mark Donsky (Okera) on how to secure your data lakes to meet the rigors of CCPA privacy regulations.
  • Data Engineering and Architecture sessions, including Navinder Pal Singh Brar (Walmart Labs) on building multitenant data processing and model inferencing platforms with Kafka Streams; Paige Roberts (Vertica) on the whys and hows of putting large stateful applications into containers and Kubernetes; Tomer Levi (Fundbox) on using AWS Step Functions, Docker containers, and ECS Fargate to build serverless data workflow platforms; and Tomer Shiran (Dremio) on how to build best-in-class data lakes on AWS and Azure.
  • Data Science, ML, & AI sessions, including John Allen on how Deutsche Bank uses AI and ML to drive revenues; Anirudh Koul (Microsoft) on how to bring deep learning to smart-phones; Moty Fania’s description of Intel’s AI driven sales cycle support platform; and Stavros Kontopoulos’s (Lightbend) review of the best practices for deploying online ML-based streaming applications.
  • Unrestricted access to all of the exclusive Business Summit's Executive Briefings, technical sessions, and tutorials where data experts like Ross Schalmo (GE Aviation), Andrew Reiskind (Mastercard), Alex Beutel (Google Brain), Susan Israel (Loeb & Loeb), and others reveal the data strategies deployed by the world's most successful companies.
  • FinData Day - Sessions detailing how Wells Fargo ECS, Capital One, TBC Bank, Tokyo Century USA, and other financial industry leaders use data to analyze risk, detect fraud, predict payments and improve customer experience.
  • Dozens of sessions on Data Law and Ethics, Security and Privacy, Automation in Data Science and Data, Business Analytics and Visualization, Streaming and IoT, and Data Culture and Organization.

Table of Contents

  1. Keynotes
    1. Highlights from the Keynotes at Strata Conference, New York 2019 00:22:43
    2. Recent trends in data and machine learning technologies - Ben Lorica (O'Reilly Media) 00:10:52
    3. Everything is connected and the clock is ticking: AI and big ag data for food security - Sara Menker & Nemo Semret (Gro Intelligence) 00:14:32
    4. The future of Google Cloud data processing (sponsored by Google Cloud) - James Malone (Google) 00:10:07
    5. AI isn't magic. It’s computer science. - Robert Thomas (IBM), Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly Media) 00:20:40
    6. Unleash the power of data at scale (sponsored by Intel) - Jeremy Rader (Intel) 00:05:14
    7. How disruptive tech is reshaping the financial services industry - Swatee Singh (American Express) 00:11:58
    8. Cisco Data Intelligence Platform (sponsored by Cisco) - Siva Sivakumar (Cisco) 00:05:15
    9. Interactive sports analytics - Patrick Lucey (Stats Perform) 00:12:57
    10. Staying safe in the AI era - Cassie Kozyrkov (Google) 00:20:49
    11. Unlocking the value of your data (sponsored by IBM) - Daniel Hernandez (IBM) 00:09:17
    12. Delivering the enterprise data cloud - Arun Murthy (Cloudera ) 00:09:53
    13. Postrevolutionary big data: Promoting the general welfare (sponsored by Io-Tahoe) - Barbara Eckman (Comcast) 00:05:54
    14. RL in real life: Bringing reinforcement learning to the enterprise (sponsored by Microsoft) - Edward Jezierski (Microsoft) 00:05:35
    15. Strata Data Awards 00:01:54
    16. Say what? The ethical challenges of designing for humanlike interaction - Jonathan Foster (Microsoft) 00:15:56
    17. Data Science Pioneers: Conquering the next frontier, a documentary investigating the future of data science (sponsored by Dataiku) - Jed Dougherty (Dataiku) 00:03:47
    18. Data sonification: Making music from the yield curve - Alan Smith (Financial Times) 00:20:34