Strata + Hadoop World 2016 - Beijing

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Note: Content is in Mandarin

The inaugural Strata+Hadoop World (SHW) Beijing conference showcases applications of data across a wide variety of verticals and domains, including financial services, online commerce and social media, transportation and logistics, and manufacturing. This video compilation gives you access to the conference’s sessions and keynotes.

SHW Beijing covers cutting-edge issues around core technologies designed to rapidly acquire, process, store, and analyze data on a massive scale. Topics include the latest technologies, including Spark, Apache Beam, Druid, Alluxio, Heron, and DistributedLog, as well as large-scale machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. Experts speak on TensorFlow and Spark MLlib, and innovative applications in self-driving vehicles, chatbots and conversational interfaces, and knowledge databases and graphs.

  • Gain front row access to keynotes and sessions on various aspects of machine learning and data platforms
  • Explore Baidu's self-driving vehicles, distributed deep learning at Alibaba, and how Uber uses Presto for petabyte-scale interactive queries
  • Learn from engineers and contributors on TensorFlow, Spark, Apache Beam, Druid, Alluxio, Presto, and Heron
  • Hear from big data experts and get a glimpse into data platforms at Didi, Xiaomi, Google, Microsoft, and more

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Table of contents

  1. Machine Learning
    1. Big data and Baidu's self-driving vehicles - Haojun Wang (Baidu)
    2. Great Learning Age: Tackling the challenges of big data and big models - hucheng zhou (Microsoft Research)
    3. Distributed deep learning algorithm products and their application in Ant Financial Group - Chu Wai (Alibaba iDST)
  2. Data Platform
    1. TensorFlow: cross-platform, high performance and support for large-scale distributed machine learning development system - Chen Jianmin (Google) and Chen Zhifeng (Zhifeng Chen) (Google)
    2. Spark real time computing system (RCS), streaming development practices at Alibaba - jinqing zhu (Alibaba)
    3. Presto in Uber: petabyte-scale interactive query - Luo Zhenxiao (Uber)
    4. The real-time system architecture and practice in Didi Chuxing - Yi Ai (Didi Taxi)
    5. Distributed parameter servers for large-scale machine learning and deep learning - Zhichao Li (Intel)
    6. Best practice of data platform in Xiaomi - Cui Baoqiu (Xiaomi)
  3. Keynotes
    1. Three steps to big data success - Doug Cutting (Cloudera)
    2. Overview of Smart Applications' Infrastructure - Chen Zhifeng (Zhifeng Chen) (Google)
    3. Accelerating Big Data Analysis and Machine Learning - Ziya Ma (Intel Corp)
    4. Innovation from China: What it means for machine intelligence and AI - Christopher Nguyen (Arimo)
    5. The latest status and development direction Alluxio (before Tachyon) project - Haoyuan Li (Alluxio)
    6. Smart big data anti-fraud based on Spark - Yinglian Xie (DataVisor)
    7. Use AI to drive financial life - Cheng Li (Ant Financial Group)
    8. Big data, big value - Mike Olson (Cloudera)
    9. AI Applications on Big Data - Jingren Zhou (Alibaba)
    10. ig data analysis, no more forbidden domain for software engineer! - Luke Han (Kyligence)
    11. Roadmap from big data to big values - Eric Zhao (
    12. Better data, better finance - Yihan Fang (Yirendai)
    13. Spark 2.0 and What's Next - Reynold Xin (Databricks)
    14. Big Data and Unique Tech in Xiaomi - Cui Baoqiu (Xiaomi)
    15. Internet + Manufacture: Innovation and Creation in IoT and data era - Feng Zhao (Haier Group)

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