The Most Effective Fund Development Program

Fund development is not a separate and independent activity that can be pulled out whenever there is need, focused on by only a few, and ignored the rest of the time. Instead, fund development is an ongoing, rewarding (but invasive) process that engages all staff and every board member in some way.

Fund development affects everything your organization does, from board and staff recruitment to client service to communications. (However, this does not mean that the only qualification for board membership is the ability to raise money.)

Fund development depends on the four relationships described in this book. And your fund development program relies on your organization’s ability to develop and nurture these relationships.

Effective fund development produces more than money. Effective organizations understand that fund development goals and strategies focus on things other than money. For example: creating a culture of philanthropy, building stronger relationships, helping board members feel comfortable with fund development, understanding the interests of donors and prospective donors so the organization can ask for a gift, and so forth.

No matter what you want to raise money for, you must pay attention to process. Process means examining fund development and organizational development issues together in one system. The process requires a commitment of time and energy on the part of the organization’s staff and volunteers. Direct participation ...

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