Long description

The chart shows a closed loop comprising the following steps. The steps are also mapped to chapter numbers.

The steps in sequence are:

  • Develop Vision and Mission Statements (Chapter 2)

  • Establish Long-Term Objectives (Chapter 5)

  • Generate, Evaluate and Select Strategies (Chapter 6)

  • Implement Strategies—Management Issues (Chapter 7)

  • Implement Strategies—Marketing, Finance, Accounting, R and D, and MIS Issues (Chapter 8)

  • Measure and Evaluate Performance (Chapter 9)

Perform External Audit (Chapter 3) and Perform Internal Audit (Chapter 4) are shown to impact the process, between the steps related to Chapter 2 and Chapter 5.

The chart shows that from “Measure and Evaluate Performance”, feedback goes to each of the steps.

The entire closed ...

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