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Strategic Management Accounting

Book Description

This book critically analyzes the concept of strategic management accounting, the implications this emerging paradigm will have on the accounting profession, and the ramifications for businesses at large. This research examines current literature, and illustrates these concepts with current market examples. This manuscript approaches the topic in a way that is unique by linking the concept of SMA to the integrated reporting framework. In essence, strategic management accounting is a theory with broad-based support, but the IR framework and reporting structure provides a vehicle through which progress, costs, and benefits of a more strategic accounting function can be evaluated. Focusing on principles, primarily for internal management utilization, the following provides an outline and summary of concepts and techniques that can be used to elevate the role of the management accounting function. Whether you are a management expert, an accounting professional, or simply someone looking to keep up to date with emerging business trends, this text provides the content, and action-oriented steps to meet those expectations.