A Primer on Evolution

This entire textbook is based on the premise that God1 is in control of this universe and that He is an active participant. Not everybody agrees with this premise so we would like to explain our rationale.

Many Muslims Understand the Western World

First, we would like to make a simple observation. Muslims are much more familiar with the Western world than westerners are with the Muslim world. Although Muslims appreciate many things about Western society—including material comforts and basic rights—there are certain things about it that really bother many Muslims. In terms of ideology, the denial of God’s existence is the most obvious point. Many Muslims believe that Western societies had a unique cultural experience (the clash between religion and science). Other cultures—including Islamic culture—did not have that traumatic experience. For better or worse, Western countries used the force of arms to colonize the rest of the world. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the West is in decline, China and India are rising, and many Muslims are trying to rediscover their cultural and religious identity. This renewal of Islam is not an attempt to return to the past but rather an effort by many Muslims to use Islamic principles to solve the problems of the future. Muslims believe that such an effort will succeed only if the existence of God and the need to follow His revelation are acknowledged.

Why Do Muslims Believe in God?

Muslims believe in ...

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