4.3. Inside World of Showers

To examine the model behind the gaming simulator open World of Showers B and press the 'Model' tab on the left of the screen. There are two sectors – 'your shower' on the left and 'shower 2 – hidden' on the right. It is best to study shower 2 because this sector contains the complete balancing feedback loop for comfort seeking. (In 'your shower' the equivalent feedback loop is completed by you, the game player, and so the loop is not visible in the diagram.)

4.3.1. A Tour of Formulations in the Comfort-Seeking Loop of the Hidden Shower

Let's get into shower 2 and talk through the operating structure as shown in Figure 4.9 and the corresponding equations in Figure 4.10. The temperature gap is the difference sensed by the shower-taker between desired temperature and the actual temperature at the shower head. In the equations, desired temperature is set at 25 °C. The symbols on the left-hand side of the map show how the recognition of a temperature gap leads to a change in tap setting. This part of the map represents the decision making of a rational shower-taker who wants to stay comfortable.

Figure 4.9. Operating structure of shower 2 in World of Showers B

Source: The Dynamics of Resource Sharing: A Metaphorical Model, System Dynamics Review, 11(4) ...

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