How to Use This Book


To get the most out of Strategic Modelling and Business Dynamics it is important to develop a good intuitive feel for ‘dynamics’ – how and why things change through time. Personal experience of simulated dynamics is a good way to learn. So the book comes with chapter-by-chapter learning support folders, which are available on the Learners' website (see the About the Website Resources section). Each folder contains models and gaming simulators that allow readers to run simulations for themselves and to reproduce the time charts and dynamics described in the text. The models come to life in a way that is impossible to re-create with words alone. It is easy for readers to spot opportunities for learning support. A spinning gyroscope is printed in the page margin alongside text that explains how to run the simulator.5 Examples include unintended drug-related crime, the collapse of fisheries, perverse hotel showers, persistent manufacturing cycles, boom and bust in new products and services, promising market growth, unfulfilled market growth, competitive dynamics, hospital performance and price volatility in global oil.

There are also PowerPoint slides with notes to accompany the book. They are available on the Instructors' website (see the About the Website Resources section). The slides include lectures and workshops which are organised chapter-by-chapter. ...

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