Chapter 6. Refining Your Mission, Vision, and Values

In This Chapter

  • Laying your strategic foundation

  • Revamping your organization's mission statement

  • Clarifying your shared organizational values

  • Describing your vision

  • Making your strategic foundation sheet

While on vacation, a businessman bought fish from an old fisherman every day. One day he arrived to find the fisherman docking his boat at noon. “Is something wrong?” he asked. A smile wrinkled the seller's leathery face. “By no means. All is well.” “Then why are you docking your boat so early?” asked the businessman.

“So I can go to my house, sit on my porch, and sip tea with my wife,” the fisherman replied. The man of commerce objected. “But the day is still young. You can still fish.” “No need to,” the fisherman said. “I've made enough money for today.”

“Enough? Absurd. You should keep working.” The spry old man stopped and stared at his well‐dressed visitor. “And why should I keep working?”

“To sell more fish.”

“And why sell more fish?”

“Because the more fish you sell, the more money you make. The more money you make, the richer you are. The richer you are, the more boats you can buy. The more boats you buy, the more fisherman sell your fish, and the richer you become. And when you have enough, you can stop working, sell your boats, stay home, and sit on the porch with your wife and drink tea.”

The fisherman smiled. “I can do that today. I guess I have enough.”

This story, which you've probably heard in a variety of versions, quickly explains ...

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