Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Organizations, Third Edition, offers a conceptual framework and detailed process suggestions for strategic planning by nonprofit organizations. For readers of one of the first two editions, much will look familiar, but much is new as well. The logic and flow of the process are the same, but we have broken out the middle section into a few more specific steps. In particular, we have added more detailed guidance on developing the program strategy and business model.

The book is the product of the authors' experience as planning and organization development consultants. The concepts, process design, and language presented here have been shaped by our strategic planning work with hundreds of nonprofit organizations. Many of the worksheets and approaches to formulating strategy were developed while working with individual clients in response to particular situations. Our approach is informed by the work of many published authors and dozens of colleagues, including in particular the wisdom and experience of our colleagues at CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, where we both worked for many years.

We hope that this book provides you with a practical approach that is comprehensive, without being either overly complex or unduly simplistic. The user-friendly tools and techniques will help you put the framework into action. Those who have experience with strategic planning will find the book a useful refresher and a one-stop source book of fundamental ...

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