Table of Contents


About This Book

Conventions Used in This Book

What You're Not to Read

Foolish Assumptions

How This Book Is Organized

Part I: Kicking Off Your Strategic Planning Process

Part II: Determining Your Core DNA and Envisioned Future

Part III: Sizing Up Your Current Situation

Part IV: Mapping Your Organization's Path to the Future

Part V: Living and Breathing Your Plan

Part VI: The Part of Tens

Icons Used in This Book

Where to Go from Here

Part I: Kicking Off Your Strategic Planning Process

Chapter 1: What Is Strategic Planning Really?

Clearing Up the Confusion about Strategic Planning

Defining strategy

Understanding the importance of a strategic plan

Implementing the strategic management process

Identifying the components of a solid strategic plan

Answering the most frequently asked strategic planning questions

Identifying the Levels of Strategic Management

Getting Acquainted with the Strategic Plan's Key Elements

Vision: Bringing things into focus

Strategy: Explaining the value you deliver

Goals and objectives: Empowering employees

Execution and evaluation: Ensuring success

Seeing the Signs: Why You Need This Book

Chapter 2: Why Strategic Planning Works

Strategic Planning Is Most Used Tool by Executives

Not Having a Plan Is Too Risky

A Plan Is Required to be a High Performer

What makes great companies great

What successful CEOs are spending their time on

Everyday Decisions Drive Long-Term Results

The day-to-day impact

The bottom-line impact

Agility Is a ...

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