Contributing Authors
Norman D. Bates
Norman D. Bates, Esq., is a nationally-recognized expert in security and the
law. As the president and founder of Liability Consultants, Inc., he provides
security management consulting services to private industry, as well as court-
certified expert witness services nationwide to both plaintiff and defense firms
in civil cases regarding inadequate security, negligent hiring or training, and
workplace violence. A frequent media spokesman, Mr. Bates has been inter-
viewed and commented on current news stories regarding crime and liability
for ABC’s 20–20, CBS News, NBC Nightly News, The Tonight Show, The Wall
Street Journal, The New York Times, U.S. News and World Report, USA Today,
and Security magazine. In standards development, his work includes his con-
tribution as a past member of the Commission on Guidelines for ASIS Inter-
national that published the ASIS General Security Risk Assessment Guideline
in 2003. He regularly presents seminars on civil liability issues and has authored
numerous articles and books on the subject. Actively involved with the draft-
ing of various legislation, Mr. Bates authored a bill on criminal stalking in
Massachusetts that was passed into law in 2000. Formerly, he was an assistant
professor of Criminal Justice at Northeastern University in Boston and direc-
tor of Security and Legal Counsel to the Saunders Hotel Corporation. He
received his Juris Doctor degree from Suffolk University and a Bachelor of
Science degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University. He is a
member of the Massachusetts Bar, the International Association of Professional
Security Consultants, the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA), the
Defense Research Institute (DRI), the National Crime Victim Bar Association,
and ASIS International.
James H. Clark
James H. Clark, CPP, is managing partner of Clark Security Group, LLC, a
Cleveland-based independent security consulting firm. For the past 15 years,
Mr. Clark has provided security consulting advice to corporations, institutions,
and government agencies throughout the United States and on four continents.
He is a member of the International Association of Professional Security Con-
sultants, ASIS International, and the International Federation for Cultural
Properties Protection. He has been a contributing author to the Effective Secu-
rity Officer Training Manual, Ralph F. Brislin, ed. (Butterworth-Heinemann,
1994); Security Consulting, Charles A. Sennewald, ed. (Butterworth-
Heinemann, 2004); the IAPSC’s Forensic Methodology for Security Consultants,
2000; and he has published various articles and white papers on risk-reduction
Brian Gouin
Brian Gouin, PSP, CSC., is an independent security consultant and owner
of Strategic Design Services, LLC, Portland, Connecticut, and member of the
American Society for Industrial Security—International (ASIS), International
Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC), National Fire Pro-
tection Association (NFPA), and National Association of Chiefs of Police. He
is also a Professional Certification Committee member for IAPSC and belongs
to the Item Development Group, Professional Certification Board, ASIS. He is
board certified in physical security by ASIS and board certified as an inde-
pendent security consultant by IAPSC.
Karl F. Langhorst
Karl F. Langhorst, CPP, director, Loss Prevention Randalls & Tom Thumb
Food and Pharmacy, is a member of the American Society for Industrial
Security—International (ASIS), Board member for Crime Stoppers of
Houston, and former member of the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Loss
Prevention Committee. He received his Bachelor of Political Science from the
University of Texas at Arlington. An author and a frequent speaker on various
loss prevention topics including physical security and organized retail theft, he
is board certified in security management by ASIS; licensed as a master peace
officer, and an instructor and investigative hypnotist by the Texas Commission
on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLOSE).
Charles A. Sennewald
Charles A. Sennewald, CPP, CSC, CPO, is a popular seminar leader and
speaker, and now retired independent security management consultant in
Escondido, California. He was formerly security director for the Broadway
Department Stores; chief of campus police, The Claremont Colleges, Clare-
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