Chapter 3. Attack: The six strategic movements


“To defend yesterday is a larger risk than to create tomorrow.”

 --Peter F. Drucker

“Who dares wins.”

 --Motto of British Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment


In this chapter we shall see that there are six possible ways to attack an opponent.

  1. Guerrilla.

  2. Bypass.

  3. Flanking.

  4. Frontal attack.

  5. Undifferentiated circle.

  6. Differentiated circle.

What do we mean by attack? Essentially, we mean going into something new:

  • A new industry in the same geographical area.

  • The same industry in a new geographical area.

  • A new industry and a new geographical area.

Additionally, if we enter a new segment of the same industry and geographical area on our own initiative, it is an attack. But we enter this segment as a reaction ...

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