Chapter 4. Defense: The eight strategic movements


“This animal is very wicked: when it is attacked it defends itself.”

 --Théodore P. K., La Ménagerie

“Those who defend everything, defend nothing.”

 --Ferdinand Foch, Marshal of France, Principles of War


There are essentially eight defense strategies:

  1. Signaling.

  2. Creating entry barriers (fixed and mobile).

  3. Global service.

  4. Pre-emptive strike.

  5. Blocking.

  6. Counter-attack.

  7. Holding the ground.

  8. Withdrawal.

If attack = entry + unprovoked, defense is a strategy where one of these two elements is absent. In three strategies (1, 2 and 7) the company does not enter a new market, but ‘stands still’ – signaling, creating entry barriers (fixed or mobile), or simply holding the ground.

Alternatively, the company ...

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