Chapter 1

Stressed Out? Welcome to the Club!

In This Chapter

arrow Figuring out why you feel more stressed

arrow Determining where your stress comes from

arrow Understanding how stress affects you

arrow Looking at the good kinds of stress

Are you feeling more tired lately than you used to? Is your fuse a little shorter than normal? Are you worrying more? Enjoying life less? If you feel more stress in your life these days, you aren’t alone. Count yourself among the ranks of the overstressed. Most people feel that their lives have too much stress. Your stress may come from your job or lack thereof, your money worries, your personal life, or simply not having enough time to do everything you have to do — or want to do. You could use some help. Thankfully, you can eliminate or at least minimize much of the stress in your life and better manage the stress that remains. This chapter helps you get started.

Experiencing a Stress Epidemic?

You probably can’t make it through a single day without seeing or hearing the word stress someplace. Just glance at any magazine stand and you’ll find numerous cover stories ...

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