Chapter 6

Cultivating Mindfulness

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding mindfulness

arrow Becoming more mindful in daily life

arrow Using mindfulness to reduce your stress

arrow Cultivating mindful acceptance

We tend to think of stress management as a relatively new idea. Recall that the word “stress” has only lately come into our language. While people have always been stressed, most approaches to managing stress are fairly recent. But not all. Mindfulness is both a very old and a very new approach to managing your stress. The “old” part reminds us that people have been using mindful approaches for as long as they’ve had the ability to be aware of their thoughts and feelings. The “new” part reflects the growing integration of mindfulness with current models of emotional distress.

A wide and growing body of evidence supports mindfulness training as an effective way of managing stress. In the past decade, more and more professionals have come to see the value of a mindful approach to stress reduction, helping people reduce their levels of anxiety, worry, and upset. Mindfulness, in fact, has become an important, ...

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