Chapter 7

Stress-Reducing Organizational Skills

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding your disorganization

arrow Clearing away clutter

arrow Motivating yourself

arrow Organizing electronically

arrow Staying organized

If you’ve ever felt like screaming or maybe tearing out some hair when at the last minute you can’t find your keys or that paper napkin on which you wrote important information, you’re probably sympathetic to the notion that disorganization can trigger a whole lot of stress.

Sure, a little bit of disorder doesn’t rival developing a serious illness, getting fired, or having your house burn down. Yet being disorganized can fuel a long list of frustrations, delays, lost time, and missed opportunities — all accompanied by varying levels of anger and irritation.

Who needs it? Your stress level is already high enough. This chapter shows you how to get organized. It gives you the tools you need to overcome the disarray, chaos, and confusion in your life.

Figuring Out Why Your Life Is So Disorganized

Okay, ...

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