Chapter 8

Finding More Time

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying your time-management challenges

arrow Making time for yourself

arrow Getting more done in less time

arrow Overcoming procrastination

Have you noticed how quickly your days fill up? You often find yourself hurried, harried, and rushing to do all that you feel has to be done. Putting out fires, dealing with last-minute crises, and taking care of unending details leave little spare time for anything else. Add to that a busy job, a family, and at least a few other obligations, and you notice that your stress level is escalating. And something else is happening: You have less and less time to spend on the things that you really enjoy and that bring you satisfaction. Fortunately, managing your time more effectively is something you can master.

This chapter gives you direction and strategies to help you manage your time more efficiently and effectively, and reduce your time-related stress.

For even more information on this topic, try Successful Time Management For Dummies, by Dirk Zeller (Wiley).

Effective time management is really all about managing ...

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