Chapter 12

Overcoming Your Anger

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding your anger

arrow Figuring out how anger affects your well-being

arrow Controlling your anger

Are you angry because someone cut you off in traffic or kept you waiting for what seemed like an eternity? Are you angry because that clumsy guest spilled red wine on your sofa, or because your printer refuses to print? Everyone feels anger sometimes. Unfortunately, too many people — and you may be one of them — experience too much anger too much of the time. Anger is not only terribly stressful, but it can also be harmful to your physical well-being and destructive to your relationships. Fortunately, ways of reducing your anger and limiting its consequences do exist. This chapter shows you how to control your anger — instead of letting your anger control you.

Figuring Out Just How Mad You Really Are

stressquiz.eps Does a big part of your stress come from your anger? Do you get just a little angry, or does your anger get out of control? The first step in reducing your anger is knowing how angry you are. In this section, I give you a simple, 12-item informal ...

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